Willow Stein

 Therapy & Counseling / Posted 4 months ago

Hello, and welcome. Have you come here for change, or has change come for you? We seek therapy for many reasons- support, perspective, collaborative help- and our struggles have many names- anxiety, depression, anger, grief, fear, loss, and loneliness. Who have you been, who are you now, and who would you like to be? Where do you fit into this world, and what do you have to offer? What would you say, and how? Bring your questions, theories, fears and frustrations, confusion, curiosity, and courage. Some people like to dig, and some find themselves holding the metaphorical shovel and wondering where to begin. I like to dig, and I’m here to dig with you. Let’s look at patterns and find the threads and designs that make them up. I’d be honored and pleased to work with you as we discover, define, and create the life you’d like to move towards. I’m looking forward to talking with you about your questions, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I aim to listen and witness, to stay present with you in the process, and to ask interesting and helpful questions. I enjoy working collaboratively, and encourage you to reach out to get a sense of how our work together might feel. Courage has brought you here!

  • Listing ID: 13042
  • Amenities: Wheelchair Accessible, Gender Inclusive Bathroom(s)
  • Payment Options: Medicaid, MVP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Sliding Scale
  • Additional: Licensed in Vermont