Suzanne Mancinelli, LMFT, CST

 Therapy & Counseling / Posted 4 months ago

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist practicing in Montpelier, VT. I also offer an 8-week series of group couples therapy called Optimal Sexual Experiencing based on 15 years of research for couple with low desire, gaps in desire, or no sex relationships to enhance your sexual relationship. See for more information.

As one of the few practitioners specializing in the field of sexuality in this state I work with individuals, couples and families on any matter related to sex, gender orientation, intimacy & relationships. My goal is to provide quality psychotherapy in a comprehensive and safe environment. I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities in order to meet the unique set of concerns for each individual. I treat each client in a holistic manner, meaning that I take into consideration the mind, body, emotion and spirit during the healing process. My practice is founded on the key concept that pleasure is healing. With compassion and warmth, I help clients address current life challenges and long standing issues. The decision to begin individual, couple or partner therapy can be a difficult one. By making this decision, you have made a commitment to your emotional wellbeing and to improvements in your relationships with others. .

Common issues are: *Affairs/Infidelity * BDSM/ Sadomasochism * Communication Related to Sex * Cross Dressing * Fetishes * Gaps in Desire * Gender Variance including Youth and Families * LGBT Related Issues * Libido * Open Relationships * Orgasmic Difficulties * Painful Intercourse * Polyamory * Premature Ejaculation * Sex Addiction * Sexual Dysfunction * Sex and Physical Health – i.e. post-surgery, chronic pain, cancer, etc. *

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  • Amenities: Gender Inclusive Bathroom(s)
  • Payment Options: MVP, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Additional: Licensed in Vermont