Er Raff (Finding Ways LLC)

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I work over telehealth with individuals that are LGBTQIA+ (while they may or may not identify as being a part of this “community”, for sake of ease of description, I use this acronym). Often people come to me with depression, trauma, anxiety, relationship issues, and eating disorders. They want to live with less shame and more ease through out their days and lives. They want to be able to feel safe, seen, heard, and understood as much as possible. I am passionate about serving these marginalized folks and acknowledge intersectionality of various identities within each individual. Sliding scale options are full at this time.
Through a compassionate, person-centered, narrative, and constructionist lens, I help people unpack what is at the root of their pain and hardships. We untangle wild life together and rebuild new neural pathways that can help construct a new path forward. EMDR is often a part of this process, but people have a choice as to how, when, and to what degree.
I acknowledge there are multiple truths and voices to every situation, which are inextricably context dependent. I value a collaborative learning environment, and address people as whole beings. Combining this with creating a trustful relationship with mutual respect is my goal when working with others. I work part time and hope to be able to work with you!


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  • Payment Options: Sliding Scale
  • Additional: Accepting New Patients, Licensed in Vermont