Chris Siegriest

 Holistic Medicine, Mental Health, Therapy & Counseling, Transgender Care /

Therapy & Counseling, Trans Care: Surgery, community and clinical herbalist

I’m a trans non-binary queer Somatics practitioner, here for working with you through the bodyscape to unlock and complete stored wounds and traumas, repatternize your nervous system responses, and build resilience and attunement to joy. Through the practice of Somatic Experiencing, I help guide and facilitate your own re-membering relationship with your innate body wisdoms at the pace that is right-sized for you. This invitation looks like noticing sensations, emotions, images that live inside the body and staying curious about them; where they want to go, what they might have to say. It also looks like choiceful moving between states of some discomfort and intensity to resource and ease; building capacity for the hard stuff while noticing the good, the beautiful. I love working with folks before and after gender affirming surgery to prepare the body and nervous system for this transition. I also work within the framework that living inside supremacy culture is traumatic and I help folks to notice the way this shows up in bodies and impacts relationships/community. I understand that some bodies and social locations have been more harmed and have deep and wise reasons why the body might not feel like a safe place to be. I invite slowness, curiosity, possibility, bravery and celebration into this work.

Somatic Experiencing – body-based healing

nervous system resilience and trauma support/renegotiation, gender affirming and trans/non-binary care including surgery support


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