Catherine Lumenello

 Acupuncture, Bodywork & Massage / Posted 11 months ago

Female | Queer/Pansexual
Catherine Lumenello is a nationally certified and Vermont Licensed Acupuncturist with 15 years of clinical experience. As a “knotty disease” expert, Catherine untangles complex illnesses to bring the whole system back to balance. Specializing in Emotional Stress, PTSD/Trauma Recovery, and LGBTQ concerns, Catherine adeptly treats allergies, auto-immune diseases, digestive problems, chronic tension areas, and gynecological health.
Catherine’s path as a healer is deeply rooted in the self-cultivation practices of Qigong and the environmental sensitivity of Feng Shui. Catherine began her journey into Daoist Philosophy, the beauty of Classical Chinese Medicine, and the practice of Universal LOVE by studying Qigong under the Daoist Priest Chang-Shin Jih for over two years. A Feng Shui and Martial Arts Master, Jih authorized Catherine to practice Feng Shui before she moved to Arizona to deepen her studies in Acupuncture, Medical Qigong, Tuina, and Yoga.
Hours by appointment only.
Specialties: PTSD, Trauma, Emotional Stress, Allergies, Auto-immune, Digestion, Pain, Women’s Health
Areas of Expertise: Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine
Accepted Insurance: None
Languages: English
*This provider has not received LGBTQ+ Best Practices training*
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  • Additional: Accepting New Patients, Licensed in Vermont, Youth Care (ages 22 and under)