Glow is a social program that centers and celebrates all women and women-aligned members of the LGBTQ+ community. Glow aims to create inclusive social spaces, build community, and provide education & support in accessing breast, cervical, and heart health screenings.



Events & Activities 

Glow offers a variety of events every month dedicated to fostering community and connection for LGBTQ+ women and women-aligned community members. We are explicitly welcoming of trans women, trans femmes, and agender/multi-gender/non-binary folks who are comfortable in women-aligned spaces.

Examples of past events includes:

  • Dance parties
  • Game nights
  • Outdoor adventures/sports
  • Coffee socials
  • Sex talks
  • And more…

We host events that connect community members to each other and local resources. Check out our calendar to find out what’s happening this week!

Cancer Screenings & Heart Health 

Glow team members work with the Vermont Department of Health to increase all LGBTQ+ people’s access to breast and cervical cancer screenings. Our work focuses on making these services inclusive to everyone who has breasts and/or a cervix. 

Glow partners with You First, a program which offers personalized support to pay for and connect eligible Vermonters to breast, cervical and heart screenings, heart health checkups, diagnostic tests and heart-healthy lifestyle programs. Members can get free memberships to fitness coaches and local gyms, farmers’ market coupons, state park passes and more.

Glow Coordinator

Megan Roberts


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