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Our 2023 Pride Guides are Live!

This year’s Pride Guide is packed with information about all that is happening during Pride Week as well as changes and updates to our Annual Pride Parade & Festival. You can download a digital version or pick up a hard copy all around Vermont, including at the Pride Center of Vermont. Learn more about our featured artist, grand marshals, festival hosts, and more!

Ruby: 40 Years of Fabulous

We are thrilled to announce the theme for this year’s momentous celebration: “Ruby: 40 Years of Fabulous”! As we commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Vermont’s first Pride march, the theme “Ruby” symbolizes not only the milestone of our journey but also the enduring passion, strength, and love that have sustained our LGBTQIA+ community.

Join us on Sunday, September 10th in downtown Burlington, as we embrace the vibrant spirit of “Ruby” and reflect on the remarkable progress we have made as a community. Amidst the complexities of the political landscape we are living in and the challenges that we face, this celebration is an opportunity to come together, share love, and celebrate our collective strength.

With “Ruby: 40 Years of Fabulous” as our guide, we invite you to express yourselves with creativity and pride. Grab your Kinky Boots and your ruby red slippers because we’re ready to march! Together, let’s shine bright like the precious gemstone, igniting the streets with the energy of love, unity, and authenticity.

As we look back on our history and the brave individuals who came together for this movement 40 years ago, we also look forward with hope and determination for a future where love and acceptance prevail. We are excited to celebrate with you and showcase the true essence of our community!

Pride Week 2023 Calendar

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Saturday, September 2nd
Sunday, September 3rd
Monday, September 4th
Tuesday, September 5th
Wednesday, September 6th
Thursday, September 7th
Friday, September 8th
Saturday, September 9th
Sunday, September 10th

*New* Parade Route!


Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Pride Vermont Parade & Festival in downtown Burlington! Our parade has grown significantly over the years, starting with 350 marchers in the first Pride march in June 1983 and reaching over 5,000 participants last year. This year, we have made some changes to the parade route to accommodate its growing popularity.

The parade will begin at the bottom of Church St. and proceed up the lower part of Church St. until it reaches the intersection of Church and Main St. From there, it will turn left onto Main St. and continue until it reaches Lake St. The majority of the parade will take place on Main St. The decision to shift the route to Main St. and Lake St. was to make it more accessible to all who wish to join.

To help us streamline the parade line-up process and reduce walking for participants, we have introduced two staging areas. The first staging area will be the same as last year at the Hood Plant and is intended for walking groups. The second staging area, located at the Pride Center of Vermont on South Champlain St., is designated for vehicles and floats.

After the parade, join us at Waterfront Park for the Pride Vermont Festival! Let’s come together as a community to celebrate our accomplishments and advocate for the rights of everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community of Vermont.

*New* Parade Awards!


✨ Best Float 

Float your way to fabulousness and compete for the “Best Float” award at the 2023 Pride Vermont Parade! Let your creativity soar as you design a show-stopping float that embodies the spirit of the “Ruby: 40 Years of Fabulous” theme. Judges will be looking for eye-catching displays, captivating themes, and an electrifying spirit that’ll leave the crowd in awe. So, deck your floats with love, rainbows, and pride, and get ready to make a splash as you parade your way to the top!

✨ Best Group 

At Pride Vermont 2023, strength lies in unity, and our “Best Group” award celebrates the power of togetherness. March with your community, organization, or crew, and let your collective magic shine through. Showcase your theme, display your originality, and win hearts with your contagious energy. Whether you’re a colorful bunch or a harmonious team, let your unity speak volumes and show the world what love and support can achieve.

Judge’s Choice 

You’ve got the glitter, the glam, and the fierce determination to conquer the runway! The “Judge’s Choice / Glitter Fabulous” award is all about celebrating uniqueness and creativity. Strut your stuff, wear your pride, and dazzle the judges with your one-of-a-kind style. Whether you’re rocking an outrageous outfit, a dazzling makeup look, or embracing your truest self, this award is for those who shine brightly and unapologetically. Bring your A-game and prepare to leave a trail of fabulousness all the way down the parade route!

Festival Map! 


As a Pride Vermont volunteer, you will have the unique opportunity to contribute your time, energy, and passion to an event that celebrates our LGBTQIA+ community and promotes inclusivity and unity. This year’s pride celebrations promise to be bigger and more exciting than ever before, and we need your help to make it happen! This is an incredible way to connect with other community members and be a part of a historic milestone in Vermont’s LGBTQIA+ history.

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