Onyx Ink is a professional tattoo studio located in the heart of downtown Burlington, Vermont. The studio opened the beginning of September 2018, and replaced the previously well-known shop We The People Tattoo. Although the shop has only been open one year, the studio won Vermont’s “Best Place To Get Body Art” 2019. The owner, Alisha, began her tattoo career in the beginning of 2015, and has now been tattooing for a fleeting yet exhilarating 4 years. Alongside Alisha, artists Nicole Christman , Aja Sheffer, and body piercer Haley Zaleski make up the first all female shop in Vermont!

Onyx Ink has a considerable amount of return clients and continues to gain new clientele daily. We strive to make each and every client proud to wear our art work, and work closely with them throughout the tattoo process to ensure they feel comfortable every step of the way.  The artists at the shop do not represent any singular tattoo style or technique, but rather enjoy using their creative freedom whenever granted. If so inclined, please stop by the studio to check out their portfolios, say hello, and determine if Onyx Ink is the right place for you and your tattoo concepts.

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Alisha Dykema
73 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401