Here, North is more than just a sense of place or where we are. It’s a sense of purpose. It’s who we are. North sees straight to the problem and gets straight to fixing it. North elevates thinking and gives rise to new theories and ideas. North changes perspectives and brings people together. North answers the call to action and keeps lifting our communities. North takes what it’s given and makes something more. North never stops asking: “What’s next?”

Northern Vermont University is a two-campus institution of higher education that combines the best of our campuses' nationally recognized liberal arts and professional programs. At Northern Vermont University, our goal is to guide curious, motivated, and engaged students on their paths to success and their places in the world.

Northern Vermont University promotes diversity, inclusion, and acts of social justice on both of our campuses. Our staff, faculty, and students work to enhance our culture through events, workshops, and presentations that open our minds to the world around us. We're proud to foster the intellectual, creative and personal growth of every one of our community members.



Dr. Hannah Miller
337 College Hill Road, 111 McClelland Hall, Johnson, VT 05656