From a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, to far-off places with names we sometimes mispronounce, the journey that began in 1978 with 2 guys and the ice cream business they built is as legendary as the ice cream is euphoric.

Ben & Jerry’s has always believed in linked prosperity - that all stakeholders connected to our business should prosper as we prosper, from those who produce the ingredients, to employees who make the product, to the communities in which the company operates.

Ben & Jerry’s has a long and proud history of commitment to social justice, including LGBT rights and marriage equality. This commitment is grounded in our company’s core values, which include a deep respect for all people and an unshakable belief that everyone deserves full and equal civil rights.

While the marriage equality decision is groundbreaking, it’s not the end of the journey for LGBT equality. There’s more to be done, and we’re certainly not done yet! LGBT folks still face discrimination in housing, employment, and health care. Thirty-one states have no laws protecting the LGBT community from discrimination. And the statistics around violence based on sexual orientation or gender identity are startling and sobering. So we’re not hanging up our rainbow-colored activist hats yet, and neither should you. There’s more work to be done to ensure safety and equality for everyone, regardless of who they are or whom they love.

We are committed to supporting non-violent, thoughtful and strategic approaches that are utilizing grassroots organizing strategies to work for social change. Our philanthropy is led by Ben & Jerry’s employees who serve on committees that review grants.

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