Voices on LGBT+ Experiences in the Pandemic

Voices on LGBT+ Experiences in the Pandemic

On Zoom*

Hosted by Tiff Bluemle, Kesha Ram & Taylor Small**

Featuring Panelists:
Mike Bensel & Reggie Condra, Pride Center of Vermont
HB Lozito, Out in the Open Vermont
Dana Kaplan & Nathan DeGroot, Outright Vermont

According to the Human Rights Campaign, LGBT Americans are more likely to face mental and physical health complications from COVID-19 than the general population. This is for a variety of reasons, including that nearly 1 in 5 LGBT Americans are living in poverty, and are much less likely to have health insurance or access to paid medical leave and other necessities. Additionally, around 40 percent of LGBT adults work in industries like health care, food service, education, and retail, that are acutely impacted by this crisis. This is around twice the rate of non-LGBT Americans working in these affected industries.

This panel will provide more detailed information in regards to how the COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting the emotional and physical well-being of the queer community. Additionally, we will discuss appropriate resources for individuals in need of aid and community support. We will also address how allies, loved ones, and concerned community members can assist LGBT+ Vermonters during this difficult time.

If you cannot attend this Zoom discussion but would like to learn more, here are some helpful community organizations to contact:

Pride Center of Vermont: (802) 860-7812, info@pridecentervt.org

Pride Center’s SafeSpace Hotline: 802-863-0003

Outright Vermont: (802) 865-9677, www.outrightvt.org

Out in the Open: info@weareoutintheopen.org

*Ensuring safety and confidentiality while also trying to promote accessibility is our utmost concern in offering this panel. Please RSVP to the Facebook event or email Kesha Ram at kesha@kesharam.com to receive the Zoom link. Aliases are welcome, but please do not use anonymous or vague names to enter the meeting. Anticipate a waiting room. We will offer ground rules, and anyone intentionally disrupting the safety of the space or using harmful language to others will be removed. If any portion of the panel is filmed, it will not include any identifying information or images of participants. Please let us know if any accommodations would be helpful to your full participation when you RSVP.

**Participants in this event are engaging in a discussion about policy and resources, but participation does not constitute a political endorsement.


Jun 10 2020


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm




Kesha Ram

Other Organizers

Abby Strauss
Taylor Small
Tiffany Bluemle