Supporting the Struggle to Divest in Police and Invest in Community

 Info for Monday Night (6/15) Burlington City Council Meeting to Support Racial Justice Alliance Demands


There is a City Council meeting we are aiming to get 1,500 people to come out to speak (virtually) about divesting in the police and investing in our community. The Racial Justice Alliance has created the following context and demands. While you are welcome to frame your solidarity statement however you like, it would be helpful for the council to hear massive support for these demands. Reading them would be great.  Info to join the alliance. 



“We are building towards a future that systematically dismantles all systems that perpetuate the false narrative of white supremacy.”


See:  #OperationPheonix  #riseVT


Operation Phoenix Mission:

Transform the lives of black and brown people by investing in their lives, holding space for their culture, providing them opportunity and ensuring the equity they deserve to thrive.



  • Restructure Public Safety
    • Immediate refocus on who what and where we are policing
      • Get all police out of schools
      • Stop using police for truancy calls
    • A 30% reduction in uniformed officers 
      • Fire abusive officers Joseph Corrow, Cory Campbell, Jason Bellavance
    • Give the Police Commission the Power to oversee the transition
  • Reinvest in communities of color
    • Work with communities of color and others to create a Cultural Empowerment Community Collective with community and youth centers, education arts communities of excellence and an Economic Development Community Partnership
    • Establish an Office of Equal Opportunity (EO), staffed with an EO Officer with oversight of a newly formed Minority Owned Business City Procurement Program
    • Fund the Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (REBI) function to enable full operational capacity   
  • “Do not pass a budget until these demands are met”



We want to prioritize voices of color. If you identify as a person of color, and would like to speak towards the beginning of the meting please add in the subject line of your email that you are a POC. That way the city can organize the oder with this in mind. 




The city at the last minute changed the sign up process, and now is requiring people fill out this form. Only name is required.


If you are interested in staying in the loop with next steps, and getting updates about these action, email


City Council call in what to expect: You will get an email back with a Zoom log in and your number in line. We are working to have them announce numbers. With 1,500 people, and hopefully even thousands more, as the target, the speak out may last through the night so please prepare for this.  Its very important to log on with the same name you sent the email or they will not be able to recognize you to speak



Below are some resources that provide some background information to this struggle. We want to encourage groups of friends, families and co-workers to hold discussions with these resources. 




  • Police make up 23% of the Burlington City Budget for a total of 17.99 million dollars 
  • 30% of the police budget is 5.4 million dollars


Jun 15 2020


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm