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Pride Parade & Festival

Waterfront Park 20 Lake Street, Burlington



Pondering Gender and Sexuality


Pondering Gender and Sexuality is a twice-monthly facilitated mutual support group for folks of any identity (whether fully formed or a work in progress) who want to engage in meaningful conversations about gender, sexuality and sexual orientation, and/or the coming out process. Discussions can range from the personal to the philosophical and beyond as we work together to create a compassionate, safe and courageous space to explore our experiences.


Burly Bear Presents: Pride Island

Red Square Burlington

Burly Bear’s Annual Pride Day Community Celebration and Fundraiser! It’s a tropical  island Pride party! Come dance and enjoy tropical drinks as we celebrate our community!! (This year, there is […]


Trans Masc Support Group Meeting


As Transmasc & GNC people in the world, we experience many things that are unique to our identities. For that reason, the Transgender Program is hosting a trans-masculine specific support […]