We are thrilled to celebrate Pride 2021 with in-person events after last year’s virtual celebration. This year we want everyone in our vibrant community to: Be Safe, Be Fabulous, & Be You!

To help us achieve this goal, we are requiring that everyone wears a mask, regardless of vaccination status, at the Pride Festival. We know that wearing a mask again can be annoying, but as a community center, we want to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that we keep the LGBTQ+ community safe. Pride is about bringing community together, and wearing a mask allows more members of the community to celebrate. Some other safety measures to be aware of are:

  • If you don’t have a mask or forget yours, PCVT will have cotton & disposable masks available at the entrances to the Pride Festival
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed around the Pride Festival
  • Tents at the Pride Festival will be spaced with social distancing in mind
  • Mask requirements will be decided by the individual hosts of Pride Week events. It will be written in the description of the event if masks are required. If you have questions about health & safety protocols for a Pride Week event, reach out to the organizer.

The good news is that our community understands the importance of getting tested and knowing your status, so now is the time to add Covid to your testing checklist! Testing for Covid-19 is quick, easy, and free. Our partners over at the Vermont Department of Health offer many options for testing across the state, so why not schedule yours today? (Or at least before you start attending Pride Week events). Click here to find out how to schedule your free Covid-19 test.

We are also appreciative for the folks who are taking space to rest and recover when they are not feeling well! If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 (coughing, sneezing, fever, loss of taste or smell, fatigue), we ask that you prioritize your health and the health of your community by not attending the Pride festivities this year. You will be missed greatly, but we look forward to seeing you at our selection of online events this year. Click here to see our online Pride events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the mask requirement be enforced?

  • We will not be enforcing the mask requirement. We believe that everyone is the expert of their specific situation. However, if you choose not to wear a mask simply because you don’t want to, know that you are making a choice to value your comfort over the health & safety of our more vulnerable community members.

What if I forget to bring my mask?

  • Pride Center of Vermont will provide cotton and disposable masks at the entrances to the Pride Festival

Will I need my proof of vaccination card?

  • You will not need your proof of vaccination card for the Pride parade & festival, but your proof of vaccination card may be needed for other Pride week events. See event listings for more details.

For more resources about COVID-19 in Vermont, check out Vermont Department of Health website.