BLM Acknowledgment

Pride Center of Vermont stands with the Black/African-American community in Vermont, nationally, and globally. We are aware that this statement comes late and that the community may feel that we have been silent. We are committed to showing you that your

Pride Center supports ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’!


BLM Statement

The Pride Center of Vermont reaffirms our commitment to uplifting Queer and Trans People of Color living in Vermont. We vow to further the dismantling of white supremacy culture within our organization and aligned LGBTQ+ spaces. We hold our staff, board, and collaborators accountable, and we invite you to support us in this accountability.

In the words of Micah Bazant, there is “no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.” We will honor the relentless work and fight of QTPOC activists such as Sylvia Rivera, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, and Marsha P. Johnson by continuing our fight against police brutality, racial violence, and systemic oppression.

Black trans and queer people deserve to live, exist, and thrive. Our country has not been doing enough and we call on our community to take all actions that they can to support the movement.

Pride Center of Vermont stands with ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’!