Are you familiar with the Montpelier Valentine’s Day Phantom? The Montpelier Valentine’s Day Phantom is a person/group of people who secretly cover the city in paper hearts for Valentine’s Day. Pride Center of Vermont wants to bring that same spirit of community love and support to the Burlington area (with a queer twist, of course) and we need your help! 

Our ask: 

  1. Download this LGBTQ+ Valentine’s Day Phantom heart template kit
  2. Print out templates (make extras for your friends, too!)
  3. The night before or morning of February 14th, attach the templates to your home and/or business’s front windows
  4. Sit back and watch the love spread! 

Please share this with others, including the businesses you patronize. If you would like to participate but don’t have access to a printer, email and we will coordinate a time for you to pick up the fliers at the Pride Center’s South Champlain St location. We hope to see your hearts up on February 14th! Queer Heart Bandit Signs