Can we save the planet? Eat well? And raise money for The Pride Center of Vermont?  Yes, we can. Just Food Hub offers a unique community food-justice fundraising model, a noncapitalist model that benefits all!

We are excited to announce our new fundraising partnership with Just Food Hub, a group of volunteers promoting healthy food options that benefit the earth, the Global South, and small farmers globally. They offer small organic cooperatively farmed commodity foods like coffee, tea, chocolate, and more. We would like to encourage our members to visit this fundraiser and find out more about quality real organic food and cooperative small-scale farming. Find out how this fundraiser will have a positive impact on the planet and your pocket.

The Pride Center of Vermont is always looking for sources of funding to support the programs we provide to the community.  This work is an important part of building the Pride Center. Just Food Hub is offering an awesome funding opportunity that we recommend to our users, sponsors, and colleagues all over the state of Vermont. For every item bought from Just Food Hub, they give The Pride Center 30% of the sales. Keep buying from Just Food Hub to be part of this pioneering fundraiser model that will, in turn, provide a continuous fundraiser for The Pride Center’s work in the community.

You go online, you use The Pride Center fundraiser page, you shop for your items, select mailing option, and pay: easy.

Together we will strengthen our local economy while also building food security for all. With healthy food and a healthy planet, we are part of the larger project of building a better future: an LGBTQAI+inclusive
future for all.

ABOUT Just Food Hub:
We are a voluntary group raising local community members’ awareness of quality real organic and fair-traded food from Equal Exchange. We also source similarly high-quality and affordable artisan food from local producers like salami and hot sauce.

Just Food Hub’s mission is to support community groups, like The Pride Center, through a regular fundraiser, aiding their work in the community. The way we do this is by selling these wonderful foods and
giving the profits to the community group.

In addition to helping you eat well, and building strong local economies and community groups, we are working to address the climate crisis and food insecurity. Join us and be the change you want to see in the world.

To see our website and more information about fundraisers and the work we do in the community, visit or call 802-622-1176.