Pride Center of Vermont’s Justin Marsh, has teamed up with Dr. Hannah K. Miller of Northern Vermont University for an exciting opportunity for nonbinary and genderqueer folx in Vermont. Our state is collaborating with a select few other regions and teams around the country (New York, Ohio, and Texas) on a research project that uses a tool called Photovoice to support nonbinary people between the ages of 18-30 build community and share their experiences with each other through photography and narration. The project, which starts later this year, uses a methodology called Participatory Action Research. We are looking for nonbinary and genderqueer Vermonters from all backgrounds, abilities, and bodies to share their gender experience. Sessions are virtual and about 90 minutes; there are 10 sessions. Monetary compensation for attendance will be provided.

We are currently looking for more participants from Vermont. If you are interested in participating in this arts-based research study, please fill out the information form here, and the research team will be in contact with you via email shortly after.