TDOR, or Transgender Day of Remembrance & Resilience, celebrated this year on Friday 20 November, is a day for the transgender community and those who care for us to honor the trans folks who have been killed over the past year and create space for us to heal with one another.

Black Trans Lives Matter always! It is important to remember that this toll is felt especially strongly by BIPOC trans people as the rates of violence are much higher for BIPOC trans people around the world. Every year, the number of trans people killed rises unfortunately, and the majority of them are BIPOC trans people so we need to center love, support and care for BIPOC trans people during these times.

Normally, we would honor folks lost to us by gathering in person and reading their names. This year, our name reading will take place virtually as pre-recorded videos posted on our blog and Facebook page.

For all the folks who identify under the trans umbrella, we will also be holding a Resilience & Healing space from 5-7:30pm on Friday.

If you are interested in reading names and/or attending the Resilience & Healing space please RSVP here.

At the community’s request, this space will be open only to trans folks. If you are cisgender and would like to support TDOR 2020, you can:

  • Volunteer to read names
  • Send messages of love and support to the trans people in your lives
  • Advocate against trans-antagonism in your spaces
  • Support trans folks financially if you can!

Reach out to with any questions or accessibility concerns.