Rainbow Cattle Co. 

gay bar in Dummerston

Rainbow Cattle Co. was a gay bar in Dummerston, Vermont with a regular drag troupe known as the “Ladies of the Rainbow.” Once a month at the Rainbow Cattle Co., Miss Kitty Rawhide, Miss Candi Schtick, Miss Sophia Penelope Precious, Miss Mercedes Roulette and Miss Mama Mayhem transformed from their everyday lives as nurse, C&S executive, Vermont Yankee manager, Target employee and became glamorous, glittering drag queens for a night of performance. Evie Lovett began photographing the drag queen performers in 2002, eventually turning it into a project and exhibition with the Vermont Folklife Center. The bar closed in 2006 but the ladies can still be found performing in Vermont.

More information: https://www.vermontfolklifecenter.org/exhibits-feed/rainbow-cattle-co?rq=rainbow%20c