Below is an excerpt from the article, “Drag Queens Are Taking The Drag Out Of The Pandemic” – to read the full story on Scary Mommy, click here.

When social distancing went into full effect, the places where drag performers earned the bulk of their income closed. Without bars, restaurants, clubs, Pride centers, or other venues that draw a crowd, drag queens lost their audiences and regular gigs which included substantial tips.

Taylor Small, Director of Health & Wellness at the Pride Center of Vermont, performs as Nikki Champagne with her stage partner Emoji Nightmare. She knows the importance of representation for the queer community. She tells Scary Mommy that when she performs, “Not only am I able to create space for folx of all genders, sexualities, identities to come together in a safe(r) space, but I am also creating that for myself. Emoji and I pride ourselves on creating events that are inclusive beyond LGBTQ+ identities, and are always working to improve and expand.”