Women's Game Night

From 12/12/18 5:45 pm until 12/12/18 8:00 pm
Posted by Taylor Small

The first weekend in December was host to an awesome convention dedicated to all things analog gaming called PAX Unplugged. Your loyal host (Anna) was sure to attend to keep a pulse on the latest and greatest in the gaming industry and also learning how to host a better game night! Anna will bring a selection of games from this event that attendees may choose to play. Some options include: Azul (highly popular tile placing game), Nut So Fast (cute party game featuring everyone's favorite legumes) and Two Rooms and a Boom (social deduction game - requires at least 6 players) and more! Also feel free to bring your own games to suggest as well. Hope you can make it!

This event is open and available to all community members who wish to participate. Our Pride Center location is accessible via stairs or elevator. If you have any accessibility questions or concerns, please contact the Pride Center staff at (802) 860-7812 or via email at info@pridecentervt.org.