Support an LGBTQ+ Migrant Leader

on Friday, 01 March 2019. Posted in Safespace

Send a message of support to detained LGBTQ+ migrant leader Beto

Sharing in support of Beto Sanchez and Migrant Justice. Please send a message if you can.

Earlier this month, detained farmworker and LGBTQ migrant leader Beto Sanchez was denied bond by an immigration judge. Despite over 1,000 letters of support and multiple news stories attesting to his courageous leadership for queer, immigrant, and farmworker rights, Beto continues to be held without bail in immigration detention.

But he is not giving up, and neither should we. Please send Beto a message of support and solidarity. 

Beto is applying for political asylum based on the persecution that he faced as a gay man in Mexico, and the likelihood that he would experience violence if he were to be deported. He will go back in front of the immigration judge on March 12th to present his asylum claim.

Beto has lived in Vermont for three years, working on dairy farms around the state and becoming involved in Migrant Justice, the Pride Center of Vermont, and other organizations. He has helped to lead a survey of fellow dairy workers on occupational health and safety risks, contributing valuable knowledge about a notoriously dangerous industry. Beto has also been involved in workshops on the needs of the community of LGBTQ immigrant farmworkers.

In December of 2018 Beto was arrested by local police and released with a summons to appear in court for driving under the influence. When he showed up at the courthouse, Immigration and Customs Enforcement were there waiting to arrest Beto, and he has been held without bail in federal immigration detention ever since. Beto should be afforded due process for his DUI charge, as any other Vermonter would. To deport him -- where he would likely face continued persecution and violence due to his sexual orientation -- would be inhumane and unjust.

Despite being behind bars for two months, Beto is staying strong -- but he needs all the support he can get. Please take a moment to send him a message of solidarity as he prepares for his March 12th court appearance. 

In Solidarity,

Migrant Justice