Sexual Health Series

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Sexual Health Series
Thursdays, March 28th through April 18th at 6:30 PM
Presented by Kenzie of Wild Faith Herb Farm
MARCH 28 - APHRODISIACS: Aphrodisiacs: something that stimulates sexual desire. Can medicinal plants really alter libido? Yes, herbs are super sexy. Herbal aphrodisiacs not only act on sexual arousal, but also play a role in sensuality, nourishment, energy, relaxation and pleasure. Participants will come away with an idea of how herbs, diet, and lifestyle can support a healthy, balanced and enjoyable sexual wellness.
APRIL 4 - HERBAL LUBE: What is one of the most underrated secret ingredient to healthy and pleasurable sex? The Juice. Whether it is internal hormones or external application, lubrication is essential to short term satisfaction and long term sexual balance and integrity. Join us to talk about radical self care and improving sexual pleasure through lubrication. We will also make an oil-based lube to take home for personal use. This class is created for folks of all genders, sexual orientations and experience levels.
APRIL 11 - MXNSTRUAL EMPOWERMENT: The mxnstrual cycle happens to many and different for everyone. A sacred experience some, a traumatic experience for others. A gendered experience for some, a genderless experience for others. Bring your curiosity to share and listen to how our bleeding stories connect us. Come prepared to hear ways herbs, nutrition, lifestyle and ceremony can improve our collective cycles. 
APRIL 18 - KINK: Kink. “An unconventional (sexual) taste, fantasy, concept or behavior.” Kink is the power of embodying what you want and getting it. Kink allows us to transform the way shame, judgement and self-limiting feelings occupy and control our lives by inviting in liberating communication, self expression and magic. The practice of kink can be a gateway to herbs, self love and self pleasure. Whether you already practice sexual or existential kink, or you are just curious, all are welcome to join.
These classes are created for folks of all genders, sexual orientations and experience levels.
Cost: $18 - $22
Pre-register at: www.wildfaithwellness.com
Financial scholarship based on request.
% of total class sales will be donated to the Pride Center.

Help us make Women's Game Night Better!

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Help us make Women's Game Night Better!

Help us make Women's Game Night Better! Take a moment to fill out a brief feedback survey: https://goo.gl/forms/C4J6VXMPztJCGaDC3

Are you tired of fighting everyone at the table to claim the prestigious title of GAME NIGHT CHAMPION? Don't like beating your friends? Then Co-Op (Cooperative) board games are for you! No, we won't play them at City Market (different Co-Op!). These games are designed so that players work together to beat the game, instead of each other and they are a TON of fun to play! I will bring a couple of choices (Pandemic or Forbidden Island), but you can feel free to bring your own as well (especially if someone has a copy of Hanabi!). We will need all the help we can get to emerge victorious from this game night adventure so RSVP and mark that calendar! Hope to see you there!

This event is open and available to all community members who wish to participate. Our Pride Center location is accessible via stairs or elevator. If you have any accessibility questions or concerns, please contact the Pride Center staff at (8020 860-7812 or via email at info@pridecentervt.org.

Josie Leavitt: Cover Story in Seven Days

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Josie Leavitt: Cover Story in Seven Days

Our previous interim Executive Director and Development Director, Josie Leavitt, is featured on the cover of Seven Days for her upcoming comedy showcase: 'So This Happened'.

Excerpt from the Seven Days article below:

In the standup comedy classes she used to teach, Josie Leavitt imparted one key piece of advice to her students. Aside from tips on joke construction and timing, it's her most fundamental nugget of comic wisdom.

"I would tell them that you can have a bad day, and you can have a funny day," she says to Seven Days at the dining room table of her home in Charlotte. "But guess what? They're the same day."

The idea that it's possible, even essential, to find humor in life's most difficult moments is indispensable to the Vermont comedian's own voluminous body of work. Lately, the founder of the Vermont Comedy Divas and self-described "mother hen" of the local comedy scene has put that principle to its greatest test. Those bad, funny days are central to Leavitt's new one-woman show, "So This Happened," which takes place Thursday and Friday, September 20 and 21, at the Flynn MainStage in Burlington.

Early this year, Leavitt, 53, was diagnosed with breast cancer. From the outset, her prognosis was relatively good. The cancerous lump was detected early, before it could metastasize, and was completely removed. Her subsequent treatments, which included several rounds of chemo and radiation, reduced the likelihood of recurrence to minuscule numbers.

"I was lucky," she says.

That's true, perhaps in more ways than one, for a woman who excels at finding hilarity in hard times.

"A lot of my friends are comics," Leavitt says. "And they were like, 'I'm so sorry about the cancer. But fuck you for the material.'"

"I never begrudged her the material," says fellow Comedy Diva Tracie Spencer. "But we all knew she would get some out of it, which I was happy about."

Read the full article here: https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/in-her-new-comedy-show-josie-leavitt-confronts-cancer/Content?oid=20696509

Vermont Pride Theater presents Trans Scripts

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Vermont Pride Theater presents Trans Scripts

Vermont Pride Festival at Chandler presents Paul Lucas’ groundbreaking play Trans Scripts, Part I: The Women at the First Unitarian Universalist Society, 152 Pearl Street. The staged reading, in one act, will be followed by a talkback.

The play was given its world premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland) in August 2015. That production featured the real stories of six transgender women in a ballet of colors and emotions. Each story deftly intertwined with the others, the actors baring their souls to present the experiences of the interviewees, as told in the interviewees’ own words. Of a subsequent Boston production, The Boston Herald wrote that this ground-breaking play presents “… a set of deep-rooted stories full of warmth and vulnerability that speaks to anyone en route to discovering their own identity.”

GET TICKETS HERE: https://www.chandler-arts.org/event/vermont-pride-theater-presents-trans-scripts/?instance_id=472

The Herald of Randolph described Vermont Pride Theater’s original production at Chandler last January as “…a stunning event, …celebrating the lives of these brave people who are part of our community….” Again directed by Cher Laston (Williamstown), the Burlington reprise includes Amy Engsholmen (Albany), Lily Fernald (Falmouth, ME), Elena Littlebug (Burlington), Susan Loynd (Fayston), Toni Maviki (Danbury, NH), Jeff Tolbert (Randolph), and Kim Ward (Montpelier),

For Trans Scripts, Part I: The Women Mr. Lucas conducted nearly four years of research, interviewing over 75 people of transgender experience. About the text to be featured in Burlington, he wrote: “Each of the [now] seven characters’ parts – with the exceptions of three or four monologues – is directly drawn from a single trans woman’s story and experience. However, choices about which stories to include were often influenced by patterns that surfaced persistently. If several interview subjects related a certain experience, I made an effort to include that experience in the text.” Mr. Lucas has now embarked on a similar multi-year interview project with trans men.

Tell us your story!

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Tell us your story!

Calling all trans and gender non-conforming Vermonters for a new special speaking project for Pride! On Friday, September 7th we will feature 5-7 minute stories from trans people around the state in a Moth Radio Hour style storytelling session. We will be featuring moments of trans validation & joy. Speakers will be paid a small speaking award, invited to a free dinner with each other & with trans event organizers, and will be given community-based housing if they want to stay the night and attend Pride festivities on Saturday, September 8. We are looking for a diversity of voices in regards to age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, stage of transition (or not), disability, veteran status, home town, and current location in Vermont.  

To submit a proposal, please email 1 paragraph about a moment of joy and/or validation in your life, along with a short bio, to trans@pridecentervt.org.

Proposals must be submitted by Tuesday, July 31st for consideration.

Burly Bear presents Cosmos

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Burly Bear presents Cosmos

This month Burly Bear is traveling beyond the stars to bring you the most stellar scene! We'll have Djs from all regions of the galaxy bringing you light speed sets! Join us at Red Square on May 25th from 8pm to 11pm in the blue(room) supernova! 

$5 cover/ Proceeds go to People with AIDS Coalition

What's Up with the Ticket Prices?

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The Annual Benefit Pricing Explained

What's Up with the Ticket Prices?

A lot of folks have been wondering just what's up with our ticket pricing for this year's 20th Annual Community Celebration on May 18th at the Echo Center. The change in pricing is for two reasons. First, we really listened to community members who said that last year the benefit was too expensive. Also, in honor of this being our 20th Annual Celebration, we thought each ticket category could tell the story of the Center.

If you are a community member in need of ticket, please email josie@pridecentervt.org.

Here are the ticket prices and their meaning to the Center:

Party Like It's 1999! Help us celebrate the year we were founded with tickets that are $19.99.

Can't make the Event? Help a community member attend with a $25 ticket. 

The Fight Isn't Over Ticket for $29. 29% of people who came to SafeSpace this year did so as a result of hate violence or discrimination, reminding us that our fight against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in Vermont is far from over.

Celebrate Health and Wellness with a $56 ticket. Our Health & Wellness program will have 56 GBT guys participate in a 2-hour session that will hone their skills on promoting sexual health, reducing HIV stigma, and increasing access to HIV testing, prevention, and care. These newly trained peer educators then disseminate this important information throughout our community, including those who are at highest risk for contracting HIV in Vermont.

Celebrate SafeSpace with a $98 ticket. 98 People have been trained in LGBTQ Sensitivity in the Vermont Department of Corrections and in the Vermont State Police thus far this year through our SafeSpace program.

Please use this link to purchase tickets. We hope to see at Echo on May 18th!


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GLAM is taking it to new heights at Get Air this Sunday from 5:30-6:30p. Come jump around for an hour with local gay, bi, and trans guys!

We are asking for a $5-$10 donation for this event. We can accept cash or card.

Rutland Lgbtq+ Gathering

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Rutland Lgbtq+ Gathering

Living in the Rutland area?
Looking for community?

Join us for the afternoon on Sunday April 15th from 4pm-6pm!! This is an opportunity for LGBTQ+ folks in the Rutland area to come together and meet each other. LGBTQ+ people and their families welcome! 

The Speakeasy will be closed to the public and open to us! A limited menu of coffee and baked goods will be available for purchase. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact Jess Novak.

We hope to see you there!

Relationship Skills Class

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Relationship Skills Class

Join us for a group geared toward exploring and sharing our skills for positive, supportive relationships. This course focuses on exploring how we relate, whether a romantic/sexual relationship, friendships, family relationships, ‘it’s complicated’ relationships, and other ways we label our ‘ships.


It starts on February 22nd 5:30-7PM and will be held in the Waterman Building on UVM Campus Room 458. 


This free, queer-friendly group is based on a 6-session curriculum, and is open to all people of all identities.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Willow- willow@pridecentervt.org 


We hope to see you there!

Speaking Valentine's

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Speaking Valentine's
VALENTINE'S DAY POP UP EVENT! All of your Valentine's desires can be satiated at this event. From witch-inspired clothing and handmade jewelry to paddles and sex toys, with trashy romance novels and vampire sex lit, you are bound to have a LOVE-ly time. 

I wood for you - Brings out the character of Vermont hardwoods- Wooden paddles and earrings and dressing screens.

Wings of Sin - witchy attire

Phildo Designs - glass dildos

Rocket Erotic - Naughty Necessities-handmade leather gear, and more!


Trans 20somethings Group Starting!

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Trans 20somethings Group Starting!

A new support group for trans 20somethings is starting in January!  Young adults across the gender spectrum are invited.  We will be serving hot cocoa and pizza at our Trans 20somethings Hot Cocoa Night! If you would like to be involved, email sunshine@pridecentervt.org or simply show up at 6:30pm on January 30th.

Stage and Screen Stars Offer Incentives to Donate to Terrence McNally Documentary's Kickstarter Campaign

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Stage and Screen Stars Offer Incentives to Donate to Terrence McNally Documentary's Kickstarter Campaign

Photo: Terrence McNally Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Article BY Andrew Gans
OCT 23, 2017

Every Act of Life chronicles the four-time Tony winner’s five decades working in the American theatre.

Jeff Kaufman and Marcia Ross have launched a Kickstarter fund-raising campaign for their documentary on four-time Tony-winning playwright and librettist Terrence McNally.

Entitled Every Act of Life, the film chronicles McNally's pioneering work in the American theatre over five decades, his fight for LGBT rights, his battles with alcohol and cancer, and more. The producers describe the project as the “first documentary about one of the world’s most honored and risk-taking writers, and an immersive exploration of how to make the third act of life as interesting as the first two.”

Rupert Grint, F. Murray Abraham, Stockard Channing and Nathan Lane
Rupert Grint, F. Murray Abraham, Stockard Channing and Nathan Lane Joan Marcus

As filming and editing are complete, the funds raised (with a goal set for $42,000) would go toward final post-production elements, including color correction, sound design, and promotional assets. “Terrence says in Every Act of Life, ’Theatre is collaborative, and life is collaborative,’” write Kaufman and Ross. “Filmmaking is also collaborative. In this case, it is tax deductible, as well, because your contribution will go through our non-profit fiscal sponsor.”

Rewards for donating to the film include signed memorabilia from McNally, Angela LansburyChita Rivera, and Audra McDonald; a meet-and-greet with F. Murray Abraham and a chance to hold his Oscar; and a private coaching session with Billy Porter. All make appearances in the documentary.

The film also features interviews and performances from a host of theatre folk, including Nathan LaneChristine Baranski, Zoe Caldwell, Tyne DalyEdie Falco, Billy Porter, Lynn AhrensStephen FlahertyJohn Glover, Anthony Heald, John Benjamin Hickey, John Kander, Roberta Kaplan, Larry Kramer, Rita Moreno, Joe MantelloTom Kirdahy, Jack O’Brien, John Slattery, Richard Thomas, Doris Roberts, Paul Libin, Lynne Meadow, Dominic Cuskern, Don Roos, Patrick WilsonJon Robin Baitz, Micah Stock, Peter McNally, John Tillinger, and Stanley Tucci.

McNally earned Tony Awards for his plays Master Class and Love! Valour! Compassion! as well as the books to the musicals Kiss of the Spider Womanand Ragtime. His works also include The Ritz, Deuce, The Lisbon Traviata, The Rink, A Man of No Importance, Catch Me If You Can, and It's Only a Play. He is currently represented on Broadway with Anastasia.

For more information or to donate to the campaign, which continues through November 22, visit Kickstarter.com.

From playbill.com

Let's Make a Queer Bar: Halloween Edition

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Let's Make a Queer Bar: Halloween Edition

Want more queer space in Burlington? Let's make it happen. 

Join us on Friday 10/27 for an LGBTQIA+ bar takeover at Lamp Shop and Radio Bean from 10pm to 1am!
This event is 18+ (on the Radio Bean side) with a $5 cover (we're working on options for those who cannot pay). Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. All are welcome!

Invite your friends from the community! More details to come!

Andrew's Inn Oral History Project:

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identifying places throughout the state that tell the story of our shared LGBTQ history.

Andrew's Inn Oral History Project:

Please join us and the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation for a discussion October 17 at 11:30 a.m., following the dedication of the Marriage Equality State Historic Marker at the State House (room 11) in Montpelier to continue identifying historically significant places throughout the state.

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