Friendsgiving Dinner with GLAM

From 11/17/17 6:30 pm until 11/17/17 8:30 pm
Posted by Taylor Small

Few things beat a table of great food surrounded by your closest friends. And while the show Friends is known for popularizing the idea, Merriam-Webster lexicographers have dated the word “Friendsgiving” back to 2007. Though it’s not officially in the dictionary, “Friendsgiving” is among Merriam-Webster’s “Words We’re Watching.”

What is Friendsgiving, exactly? A mashup of “friends” and “Thanksgiving,” the idea behind it is to spend an evening with the holiday’s classic dishes and your best buds. There isn’t a strict, enduring set of guidelines—Friendsgiving is a totally customizable modern tradition that’s taken off in recent years.