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Rex But (he/him/his), Interim Executive Director 


We welcome Rex, who will be transitioning from being a stalwart volunteer and board member to being our new Interim Director. Rex is an avid activist and ally, as well as the proud father of a transgender daughter. In addition to being the author of Now What? A Guidebook for Families with Transgender Children, Rex has been a long-time, passionate advocate for the LGBTQ community. Prior to moving to Vermont a year ago, Rex served on the Board of the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center and co-founded the Kingston, NY PFLAG Chapter. He has presented workshops and trainings at conferences and organizations across the nation and has mentored hundreds of families with LGBTQ loved ones..

At the Pride Center, Rex has been an integral member of the Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Community Project, and through his work as facilitator for the Families, Partners, Friends, and Allies of Trans Adults he has assisted many individuals in learning to better support their transgender loved ones. We look forward to having Rex at the helm as we move through this transition.. Rex is eager to engage our community and wishes for all to know that his door is open. 

 Catarina Campbell (she/her or they/them), SafeSpace Program Director and Direct Services Advocate


Catarina is a feminist, queer woman of color, survivor who is also the director and direct service advocate for the SafeSpace Program with the Pride Center of Vermont. Grounding her work in self-determination and intersectionality, Catarina strives to break the isolation that survivors of violence face through solidarity, service, and advocacy.






Mike Bensel (he/him/his), Health and Wellness Director


Mike Bensel is Health and Wellness Program Director at Pride Center of Vermont.  He has been an HIV/AIDS educator, tester, advocate, and has a strong queer programming background working with Outright Vermont, SafeSpace and serving on the founding board of Pride Center of Vermont. Having a rich history with the center allows Mike to have a strong connection to the mission and values of the organization. As a queer man committed to social change, he is closely connected to the importance of HIV/AIDS prevention and education within our LGBTQ communities.  Because of the Pride Center’s collaborative culture and commitment to social justice, it has been a longtime personal objective to work toward shared success with such a dedicated team. Mike is a Tobacco Cessation Counselor.





Gustavo Mercado Muñiz (they/them/theirs), Transgender Program Coordinator

[Image of Gustavo (smiling joyfully)]Gustavo is a queer, non-binary puertorriqueñe born and raised on the island, and they are excited to work as our Transgender Program Coordinator, supporting and uplifting a community that means so much to them. They are a recent graduate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a focus on intersectional feminism and its roots in communities of color. They are a passionate LGBTQIA+ and racial activist who wants to work on making spaces more accessible and safe for all folks in the community and the intersections of their identities. Gustavo is always open to learning more about identities and the ways that they can be challenging and empowering for folks here in Vermont. Being very new to the state, they are looking forward to exploring a new place and meeting wonderful new people. In this role Gustavo hopes to help create networks of care and empowerment for all of us in the trans (and overall LGBTQIA+) community. Gustavo is a hugger, avid reader, Beyoncé stan, and will never say no to good vegetarian food!




Julia Berberan (she/her or they/them), SafeSpace Program Coordinator

juliaJulia is a queer activist who is dedicated to raising awareness about social justice issues and fostering safer, more supportive communities. She is honored to have this opportunity to work with and for the LGBTQH community, at an organization that embodies many of her personal goals and ideals.
Julia is excited to engage the broader community in conversations about LGBTQH identities and the various challenges faced by LGBTQH individuals in Vermont. She is interested in continually learning and expanding her understanding of identities, issues and the intersectionality of oppression. She is committed to serving survivors of violence in a compassionate, survivor-centered manner. In her position with SafeSpace she hopes to support survivors along their paths of healing and increase the visibility of the SafeSpace Program..

She looks forward to connecting with people throughout the state to expand the Pride Center’s network, build community and work for social change in Vermont.




Travis Miller (he/him/his), Health & Wellness Coordinator

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Travis moved to Burlington, VT shortly after receiving a B.A. from SUNY Potsdam where he was a double major in Psychology and Music with a concentration in Bassoon. His time in Potsdam was well spent fine-tuning and growing the organization Potsdam Okuma Taiko, and focusing on his studies while providing services for students in crisis through SUNY Potsdam's Peer Counseling internship program. This year, Travis served on the committee that organized the annual Pride Vermont Festival and Parade.  
Travis will be working with the Health and Wellness team, coordinating GLAM,  Pride Center's Mpowerment Program. His strong sense of empathy, determination, and understanding serve as his foundation for being a community builder and leader. He hopes that through this role he can engage with the community to help prevent and educate folks about HIV/AIDS and help reduce the stigma surrounding it. Travis also facilitates the running group, Pride Runs.
I would like to thank everyone at PCVT for welcoming me into an environment that fosters attitudes of integrity, acceptance, and advocacy. Being able to give back to a community who has welcomed me with an outstanding attitude is, and will continue to be, the fuel that keeps my passion for doing nothing but excellent work for the Pride Center of Vermont."

Taylor Small (she/her/hers), Health and Wellness Coordinator


Taylor Small is a Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Pride Center of Vermont. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development & Family Studies, with a minor in Gender Identity and Sexuality Studies. Taylor is committed to community building and youth empowerment, as seen through her previous work at the Howard Center, Spectrum Youth & Family Services, and Northwestern Counseling and Support Services. She has a clear passion and drive to support the larger LGBTQ+ community of Vermont and volunteers heavily at Outright Vermont where she also serves as a board member. Taylor is a fierce activist by day, and at night she becomes the wildly entertaining Nikki Champagne. Nikki can be found all around town supporting LGBTQ+ events including First Friday, Burly Bear, Pop Up and more! Nikki is also a co-host of The T, alongside Emoji Nightmare, a local TV production that focuses on arts and activism across the state of Vermont.




Skylar Wolfe (Sky, he/him, or they/them), SafeSpace Education Coordinator

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Skylar is a queer, trans-masculine, and non-binary activist that is passionate about exploring the ways that LGBTQ+ people navigate balancing perception, visibility, and authenticity. Sky seeks to empower people to challenge not only themselves, but the cultures around them. He believes that if people can learn to both stretch and love themselves, they can also learn to both stretch and love the world. Skylar is cheesy, witty, and refreshingly transparent.

As a staff member, Skylar deeply values humility, lifelong learning, and  remaining continually reflexive to the community's needs. Sky simultaneously works towards holistic community mental health and collective social justice. 



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