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About TransForm

What is TransForm?

TransForm is a collaboration between the Pride Center of Vermont and the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship that seeks to reduce transgender isolation and discrimination in Vermont. The project aims to achieve this by connecting trans and gender nonconforming (GNC) Vermonters with peer mentors, who will help trans Vermonters navigate legal and medical transition processes using personal experience and community-created resource modules. The project will be created by trans community members, for trans community members. Ultimately, TransForm seeks to reduce barriers to transition-related processes (like name and gender marker change), and to help trans and GNC Vermonters:

  • feel more comfortable initiating a desired transition process
  • have fewer feelings of isolation
  • have more knowledge on how to navigate a transition process
  • have more knowledge of the transition-related resources available
  • share our stories and experiences related to transition processes
  • identify and share barriers to transitioning in Vermont for future advocacy efforts


Where we are now, and what you can do to help:

The Pride Center is currently recruiting trans and/or GNC peer mentors, (the “TransCorps”), who will be trained to successfully mentor community members going through some aspect of transition. We are currently in the planning stages of this project and are looking for trans and/or GNC folks who would like to help create resource modules that trans Vermonters will use to navigate transition processes with greater ease. We need YOUR help to reduce trans and GNC isolation and discrimination in Vermont!

Take our survey to share your stories around transition in VT!

Contact us if you would be willing to:

  • participate in creating resource modules to help trans Vermonters navigate transition-related processes,
  • be a part of the TransCorps as a peer mentor, and/or
  • share any experience (good, bad, or other) around your transition in Vermont

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